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Our Philosophy

Our school is based on the principle of honor, respect, courtesy, accountability and responsibility.  We are not a win at all cost school.  We believe that mentality causes people to lose their honor, integrity and character.  Winning once by any means necessary can cause a life time of pain.
We also do not believe people are entitled to anything except an opportunity to excel at life.  This is not a program of instant gratification but of delayed gratification, discipline, commitment. Learning to control your thoughts, and emotions allows you to learn to control your responses and not allow your circumstances to dictate your happiness.   It will take commitment, dedication and a burning desire to never give up, to work through the hard times and believe in yourself.  Many people start but very few stick with it.  Martial Arts requires parents/students to commit for their or their child's best interest.  We never have a committed junior we only have committed and disciplined parents. 
I know in today's society commitment is a dirty word and everyone wants an exit strategy. Instead of asking what if my child or I want to quit later, why not ask what if we don't? What if this is a life changing experience that allows me and/or my family to fellowship with other positive people, other people that love and care for us just the way we are.
We believe in hard work, discipline, being kind, having integrity.  In order to be physically healthy you must be mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.  They are all interconnected, being physically healthy and being mentally unhealthy and negative will always cause sabotage to success.  When you train hard and try every day but that little voice in your head whispers a lie.  A lie that you are not worthy or you don't deserve to be happy then you will manifest the lie until you stop listening to the lie.


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