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RANK: 7th Degree Senior Master Black Belt

INSTRUCTOR: Grand Master James Bailey - 9th Degree Senior GrandMaster Black Belt (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)


Master Chewning has been training in martial arts for 30 years.  He has been in business in Lexington since 1993. He takes pride in developing character and lifeskills in students that will enable them to overcome life's obstacles with commitment, dedication and perseverance.  This is what he considers a true martial artist.  The skills Senior Master Chewning helps you obtain will enhance your ability to navigate life in a positive manner.  He is a constant motivator and encourager that pushes you to do more than you ever thought possible.  He delights in seeing his students self esteem, coordination skills and self confidence increase with each small accomplishment.  He enjoys watching his students grow and become part of the family. 



RANK: 5th Degree Black Belt


Mr. Stenzel is married with 2 children (a son & a daughter).  Mr. Stenzel has been actively training with Master Chewning for 12 years.  He has been assisting and teaching classes for over 8 years.  Mr. Stenzel was first a parent watching his son Jake attend class for almost 2 years and decided to try class.  Since that day Mr. Stenzel has worked diligently to become a 4th degree black belt and instructor.  He teaches with his heart and compassion and has the skills to help you become not only a better martial artist but a better person.



RANK: 3rd Degree Level 4 Black Belt


Mrs. Chewning and Master Chewning were married in April of 2014.  They have five children between the ages of 12 and 23.  Mrs. Chewning has been actively training with Master Chewning for over 5 years and has been assisting with classes and boot camp for over 7 years.  Her children started right after she had surgery on her ankle, and she watched from the lobby for 7 months while she was recovering.  As soon as she was able to, she started attending both adult taekwondo and boot camp classes.  She enjoys helping and encouraging others on their martial arts journey and enjoys watching them move up in rank through their hard work, discipline and dedication.



RANK: 3rd Degree Level 4 Black Bel


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