Celebrating 25 years of Excellence in  changing lives
Celebrating 25 years of Excellence in  changing lives
Chewning's Get Raw Martial Arts Get Ready and Win
 Chewning's Get Raw Martial Arts           Get Ready and Win

What our customers say about us

I think this is an awesome place to train, build discipline, self confidence, respect...My daughter started at the end of November. She balked about making her try it. She agreed to go regularly until end of December 2017 and then she could stop if she didn’t like. She’s still going and doing great!  Master Chewning and his training team are the Best! I encourage you to try them. 

No contracts!
Carla Harrigan


Here's what people are saying about us...

My son has enjoyed getting fit and exercising without complaint. He has so much fun and has grown emotionally throughout this journey.  They have great Birthday celebrations here and it's an excellent way to entertain and wear out a bunch of boys that are going to sleepover at your home.

Shauna Taulbee

It's hard to really put into words what this place has meant to my nephew and my family. My sister and I raise her kids as a team, without a strong male role model.  It can be a little more challenging for the two of us, to raise him to be the man he has the potential to be. What Master Chewning and his amazing team of instructors have done in the past year both for my nephew's journey to a black belt, as well as for his journey through life, has been a God send.

What they're helping us to do, is not only give my nephew confidence, skills, and goals, but they're also helping us instill values that have made him a better adjusted child, and will one day add to making him a better man. A man of strength, good character, and a man of faith.

At the belt ceremony last night, after all was said and done I watched the families gather and talk and it felt like being at a big family dinner; love, encouragement and smiles all around. I turn to the back, and see all of the kids and instructors helping to move chairs and put the floor mats back in place...not one announcement to do so, they saw others working and joined in to help.

They are not only teaching him martial arts skills, but life skills that will forever make him a better person.

It takes a village, and we have found a village here. One with love, kindness, discipline, faith and a sense of community that I have not seen often enough.

This is what sets Master Chewning and his entire team apart from other facilities. I felt like I was with family, and I have so much faith that this is the right path for us, and for so many others.

Ashley Lawson





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